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Are you looking to improve a website? Try Information Design.
Read our “Quick Start Guide for Information Design” to get the basics.
More detailed information about Information Design is listed below by topic.

Answers to your web design questions

How to Make Your Site Easy to Use

How to Find Your Audience

How to Make Your Site Look Good

How to Write for Your Site


2 thoughts on “Front Page

  1. moses004

    I can see that you’re using scannability and hierarchy in this page’s design. But hierarchy isn’t clear yet because you’re using font size, style, AND color–too many variables. Page title, heading, tag line, and navigation all compete for attention.

  2. moses004

    Basic site design, with right-hand categories, works.

    For pages, the idea of being conversational (asking questions) seems sound. It’s just that you’re asking too many questions at once.

    Content — a vague label
    Find the answers to your web design questions: — Names a solution (good idea)

    First time here? Click here first! — A detour ( why do I have to answer that question before I can get what I’m looking for?


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